Monday, November 19, 2012

Brave New Standards

There have been a few things we've been working on since our last blog post, most importantly the conversion to HTML 5. We decided to make this change not only to conform with the latest web standards and markup, but to standardize our site completely so we're ready when more and more of the web moves to this new revision of HTML.

Since older HTML tags will soon be deprecated, we wanted to make sure that our website looks exactly the same no matter who or what web browser is viewing the Likwid Reality Designs' home page. As you probably know, the vast network of "pipes" (known as the Internet) is clogged with hideous websites and bloated code. You can consider us "plumbers" of the web, who maintain clear and concise coding practices that don't stop up your bandwidth "sink".

All puns aside, we constantly do our part to make the web a cleaner place. Every single site we build shares the same obsession with perfection as our own and we always strive to be the best possible web designers around. We do this by keeping up with new technologies and learning more efficient coding practices as they become available.

We've also added more CSS 3 visual effects and jQuery functionality to our site. Applying these new language attributes has been a blast and it's expanded our arsenal of web design. This ultimately allows us to build better looking and more functional websites across the board.

If you or your business needs a great website or an update to an existing one, please let us know and we'll talk shop.