Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Vertical Growth

As we stand back and take an objective look at the things we have done, as well as the things we all aspire to do, we tend to get a skewed perspective of what the most important things are in life. For me personally, it is about growth. Not growth in the sense of height, but more in the sense of knowledge. I constantly strive to learn new things and at least get an idea of what they are about. You can't get a good view of the world without at least understanding what goes on in it.

Likwid Reality Designs takes its own look at growth. I am not as interested in our ascension to the top of web design stardom as I am in watching our core group grow into a well rounded, educated and happy set of people that are set on making everyone we work with ecstatic about their business. Being content with your job and doing it well is contagious!

As we take the time to grow our abilities, we find that the capabilities within ourselves have expanded beyond anything we aimed for. We all secretly have hopes and dreams that we keep locked up in the walls of our mind but it takes a special kind of person to lay those dreams out on the table for everyone to see. In our case, our dreams are all over the Internet. Proudly displayed for everyone to see. We all hope that our dream to make a web design company that actually cares about its customers' futures aides you in realizing your dream to see your company grow as it rightfully should.

You've worked hard to get where you are today. Why not keep pushing the envelope even further? Your imagination is our playground.

- Joe Nardella

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