Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Our Resolution

Happy New Year! 

We know there aren't too many of you who subscribe to this blog, but we hope to make more people aware of us and what we do. Please feel free to spread the word! We always appreciate any type of promotion. :-)

Our web site is now complete (besides a few minor updates). We welcome you to a new era of web design... a little something we like to call the "Likwid Standard". As an online company, we know how impersonal things can get on the Internet and it is normal to be cautious when deciding on different service providers, especially when it concerns the life of your business. We are here to not only provide a total solution for your business, but to introduce a more active and personal level of service and support.

We believe that a face-to-face consultation is the first and most important step to your online success. This first step allows us to talk about your business and figure out exactly what you will need. We only work on one project at a time for maximum efficiency and retention... so we can focus on your individual project with all the time and effort it deserves.

Our resolution to our new and existing clients is to continue providing quality design services and improve upon everything we have learned in the past. A new year will bring in new designs, which means that a few new businesses will be joining the online world with us.

If you or anyone you know needs a consultation, please drop us a line!

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