Friday, July 13, 2007

Partnership of the Minds

We have all had moments in our lives when we draw a picture in our head for an idea and it seems so clear. We work to implement that idea into a project and then come to a horrible truth... actually getting that idea off the ground is another story all together.

[Deep inside Likwid Reality Headquarters]

Mark is scratching his head and looks like he is staring directly into the sun. It's very late and he is struggling to get his layout to look the way he wants it to. The first phase of web design is always the most difficult. Without a solid framework to use as a shell, a house would merely be a lovely furniture set with no walls. It is under these circumstances that HTML expert, Mark, shows his amazing colors.

The amount of time and detail that go into his layouts is staggering. Even when they are done, Mark can be seen off in the corner making adjustments to achieve both XHTML compliance as well as zen-like perfection. A web page is only finished after we are able to drag Mark away from the computer kicking and screaming...

[Pan camera to Joe's Workstation]

After creating and trashing his 400th picture for a web site banner today, he reaches over and takes another sip of his soda. "Back to the drawing board" has been used as an expression for many years, but it really hits home now. At this late at night, all the colors on his pallet seem to blend into one and the pictures being created start to resemble blurry pieces of abstract art.

What keeps him going? The anticipation of creating an image that is able to represent the page itself. It may seem archaic, but in its essence, a picture is nothing more than a freeze framed shot of a sentence. What do you want to get across without using words at all? Before humans were able to develop languages, they used pictures to tell a story. Joe is no different. His pictures come with captions formed in the imaginations of the viewers.

[Fade to Black]

Likwid Reality will be arriving on the scene very soon and we hope to bring back the passion and flair that web design has been missing for far too long.

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