Monday, July 9, 2007

The First Drop

May 2007: At our core, we can be viewed as just an ordinary company with an ordinary goal. Great web site design with no room for lack of creativity and quality.

While this foundation is correct, it does not exemplify what we are actually here to accomplish. In recent years, the floodgates of web design have been opened and, although there are many good design companies out there, the riverbed is still filled with lackluster imaginations and underachieved sites that could have been so much more.

The truth is simple. If you need a web site designed to fit your business needs, you need us. Your web site becomes our web site and we will not close a project until YOU say so.

Our motto is stated in a very metaphorical way, "Fluid Imagination Workshop". Let's break this down into pieces:

Fluid: What kind of design company follows strict guidelines and does not leave room for the freedom of movement and exploration? A boat does not resist the rising and falling of the waves, it merely adjusts its course to reach its final destination.

Imagination: This is the one area that so many people overlook. We are taught as we get older to limit ourselves in what we perceive as possible and rational. Likwid Reality frowns upon this outlook and fully embraces that you are a creative person. "Your imagination is our playground."

Workshop: To think that there are companies out there that will actually tell you how to make YOUR web site look completely bewilders us. We are a workshop. We work for you, not against you. It is your presence that becomes our priority and we will work however you'd like us to. We have the same goal in mind; success.

It all starts here. We look forward to becoming the stepping stone for your future. You may only be able to see as far as the horizon, but we are here to help you see the rest of the world.

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